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Brand Exposed offers a variety of temporary portable flooring hire, in & around the Cape Town area.

Our portable flooring solution provides access, surface protection & decorative enhancement for any special event or function.

We have supplied & installed our event flooring for Weddings, Trade shows, Exhibitions, Festivals, Inside Stretch tents & Marquees, Stadiums, Corporate events, Inside malls, Over pools, Convention centres & many other events.

@brandgroup_sa we offer various floor rental options & finishers.

  • Wooden flooring boards - It could be painted to the clients requirements. They are commonly used where the ground is soft & soggy. It's perfect inside Bedouin tents or Marquees.
  • Podium Decking boards - for when the floor needs to be level. They can be used as a stage with different leg heights. We also use adjustable props for levelling & usually paint the floor black with white tape to demarcate the edge. We also have steps & side rails for safety & security.
  • Turf Protection - also known as modular flooring. It's used in any terrain. On grass, asphalt, gravel, sand, concrete etc. It allows drainage & cables to run under the floor. It's the best solution on grass, as it has breathable pockets that doesn't affect the condition of your lawn. Our turf protection comes in three colours. White, Black & grey. We also have edging that allows wheelchair access or if any vehicles needs to be parked on the floor.
  • Dance Floors - We either use our interlocking black & white flooring blocks for the more elite functions, or our turf protection for the more cost effective option. 
  • Pool covers - We either use our standard wooden beams 4.8m or 6m in length over the pool, with our wooden flooring boards screwed into them & painted black & has a white side skirt, or we use our podiums for the larger pools with legs & jacks for support. We also use cross braces & supply engineer certificates when required.

All our flooring are maintained & cleaned after every event & can withstand heavy traffic & it's stain resistant.

With Brand Exposed, you can turn your stadium field, ice arena or dirt track into a concert venue, trade show or event area.

Please see our gallery page for images of previous work done & visit our contact us page if you have any queries or requirements.