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We at Brand Exposed have a large inventory of staging & structures for hire within the Cape Town area.

Whether it be stage podiums, trussing or scaffolding. We can design or build stages and event structures to just about any size, configuration and height.

We are able to rig these staging structures indoor or outdoor, on the ground or suspended off a roof.

All Brand Exposed stage structures are safe and sturdy. They are complimented by stairs and safety railings where needed. We also paint them black & finish it off either with fabric or laminate for side skirts.

Depending on the terrain & size of the stage, our structures are approved & certified by a structural engineer.


  • Staging including stage roof
  • Catwalks & Risers
  • PA System wings
  • Follow Spot & lighting platforms
  • Front of House platforms
  • Access ramps, Staircase & walkways
  • Camera Towers
  • Screen Support Structures
  • Security & observation Towers
  • Mobile Stages

We also provide Goal Post Trussing for hanging lights, Speakers or Screens. They are mainly used at the front of house, in front & back of stages.

We also do in house branding, to promote your brand or event, also hiding the speakers, cables & scaffold. Yet the sound will still project through & wont be obstructed. Please visit our branding section for more details.